Boanerges said:
Are Christians mandated to tithe? That is to give a tenth of their goods to the church?

No, Christians are not mandated to tithe. The tithe was a civil law of ancient theocratic Israel, and is no longer applicable in our own day. Nowhere in the New Testament is it indicated that this was to be a perpetually binding commandment; rather, we are commanded to be cheerful givers and to provide for the needs of our brethren. Whether that adds up to 10%, or any other percentage, should not be an issue. To demand the tithe is legalistic and places an undue burden on brethren of lesser means. And I would argue that poorer brethren should not have to worry about committing such-and-such amount of money to the church, but the church ought to be concerned about coming to the aid of poorer brethren.


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