Pilgrim said:
<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/scratchchin.gif" alt="" /> Well, it seems I hit a nerve. I was not aware that one could discern the heart of another via printed matter on a Discussion Board, but evidently this is possible for you since you know my reply was "smug". Another interesting bit of information which I didn't realize until now is that anyone who studies the Scriptures hoping to discover whether or not tithing is biblical generally is looking for a means to excuse themselves from doing what you believe the Bible teaches. There is obviously so much more I need to learn.

However, the question still stands: Does the Bible teach that N.T. believers are under obligation to give 10% of their gross income? And is that 10% to be given specifically to the Church? Since anyone who searches the Scriptures looking for an answer to that question is automatically seeking to get out of paying this alleged 10% of their gross income, I'm going to have to rely upon you to give me the answer, for I surely don't want to be accused of looking for an excuse to not do what I should; if in fact I should. Sure sounds like a classic "Catch 22" to me. Of course, I cannot help but wonder how it is anyone can know the answer to that question if searching the Scriptures isn't permissible? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shrug.gif" alt="" />

In His Grace,

No nerve hit, Jeff. At least, no nerve of MINE. However, I still think that the question at the root of this is an un-Biblical question.

Wouldn't a more Biblical question be, "Where in Holy Scripture is it written that God's people are no longer to tithe?"

In HIS grace,