Ted said:

I pray, Kyle, that your list was not intended to be a complete list of the tithes commanded in Scripture. There are almost too many to list. Some of the important ones you missed include:

Genesis 14

Genesis 28

Leviticus 27


2 Chronicles 31

Abram's tithe to Melchizedek in Gen. 14 is neither commanded of Abram nor of all Israel. No go!

Jacob's tithe in Gen. 28 is not commanded by God to Jacob, neither is it commanded of all Israel. No go!

As for Lev. 27 and II Chron. 31, what about these tithe is any different from the tithe to the Levites in Num. 18:21?
It's the same tithe.

And it is silly to suggest that the tithes you list in Deuteronomy are invalid simply because "we do not travel to Jerusalem once a year (imagine paying the tithe solely to feast!) and we do not live in towns in ancient Israel that are made up entirely of members of the church."

Why so silly? These were obviously tied to a particular place and time. Do you take a tenth part of your income every year and use it in one enormous feast in celebration in some holy city? No? Do you set aside a tenth part of your income every three years and give it to your city for the purpose of supporting the Levites and the poor? No? Could it be that these were part of the ceremonial and civil law of ancient Israel to which Christians are not obligated?


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.