Ted said:
CovenantInBlood said:
And, once again, where do you get off saying that tithing is "ceremonial?"

Considering that the tithe was in large part used to support the priestly class and sacrificial system, well, it seems only natural to say that it was CEREMONIAL.

Logical? Perhaps. But . . . to what you write, I would say, "where's THAT in the Bible?"

I say it gets back to the concept of "Christian liberty."

IF a professed follower of Christ is not going to tithe, at a minimum, they are abusing their liberty in Christ and risking Matthew 25:14-46. http://www.losbanospca.com/Stewardship.mp3

With Christ's love,

All right, Ted, WHICH TITHE? The tithe that is the inheritance of the Levites, presented once a year? The tithe that is for the festival in Jerusalem, spent on whatever your heart desires, also presented once a year? Or the tithe that is given to the town you live in for the Levites and poor living there, presented once every three years? Which of these tithes is it? Is it all of these tithes? None of these tithes? Do I still have to be sure never to trim the hair on the sides of my head? Should I be sure to let my beard grow out long? Do I, as a professing Christian, abuse my freedom by eating pork?


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.