BradJHammond said:
My sense (and it may be mistaken) is not that it is being denied that tithing should be classified as civil or ceremonial, but rather that "ceremonial law" and "civil law" are invalid distinctions or categories, since these terms do not appear explicitly in Scripture. Such a view (if anyone here in fact holds it) is mistaken and should be corrected.

"Law: Civic, Cermonial and Moral" - Richard Alderson

Westminster Confession of Faith XIX

Thank you, Brad, for posting links to those two great webpages. I read both in full and came away with new information, to me, in each. [THAT I learned something new from each is probably NOT a surprise to those of you who think I am a total idiot!]

I don't really understand your point directly above those links (that I quoted above), but I am still NOT convinced that the tithe is "ceremonial" by the definitions provided by either of those webpages.

My argument, by the way, is NOT that we are commanded or mandated by Scripture to tithe. This is the same line of thinking that I have been hammered on over and over again. And it is NOT my point. (Although, obviously, I have failed to adequately communicate that, much to my great sorrow.)

My point, however foolishly and poorly it has been presented by my own failings as a communicator (PLEASE forgive me!), is that Jesus is calling us, as His followers, to a higher standard than the tithe.

My prayer has been that the Scriptures I cited would point that out clearly. Obviously, my failings as a communicator have hampered the effectiveness of those most Holy and precious Words of God. Please forgive me for wasting your time and for failing to glorify God through my efforts. May God forgive me, too.

With a heavy heart that I have served the LORD in an unsatisfactory manner,