This question came up during my weekly Bible study at work. I had a good brother (a pk) who had been raised that tithing was a mandatory thing. His father had taught this from the pulpit, and his experience as a pk showed what happened when people didn't tithe, at least in his father's church (times were very tight financial wise).

I was not convinced, his reasoning seemed to me to be faulty based upon what I had read concerning cheerful giving and not being obligated to give but to do so willingly. (2.Cor. 9:7) However, I wasn't sure so as is my wont I came to the board and put the question to the participants who gathered here. I asked all the same questions I had been asked using much of the same verses. But no one convinced me that tithing was mandatory. In fact many here confirmed what I had already thought that tithing was part and parcel of the Mosaic covenant and was not translated into the New.

Now Ted, and btw I forgive you for any slights that I may have perceived from you and if I am guilty of the same please extend to me the same courtesy. Anyway as I was typing, you, Ted, seemed to be presenting to me two things. First God owns everything, including all my goods, time, etc... I have no problem with that, in fact I quite agree everything I own is God's and must be used to glorify God for that is our main purpose. Now the second thing you seemed (correct me if I error) was that because of that ownership God requires me to tithe, but at the same time give everything. Now do you see the contradiction? Now if you meant to say that God as the owner is telling me to give it all away so that He can use it for His glory then just say that. But if you are saying that God has mandated (and I'm using that word because I know no better one) that I give a tenth of my good back to back for his use because it is required, just like attending church, takeing the sacraments, reading the word, hearing the word preached then please say that. But at the same time provide exegete evidence for the same. Which ever one you are choosing. Or if neither of these things are what you are saying please instruct me in a plainer manner what exactly you are saying. (Give me the Idiot's guide if you will)

But I must say this nothing I have read be it Pink, Piper, or you, Ted has to yet convince me that tithing is mandated. In fact what I have been convinced is that tithing was for the Theocracy of Israel and now under a new and better covenant we are free to give accord to our desire to the glory of God for the up keep of the saints, paying the servants of God, etc... All those things that Pilgrim listed a post or ten ago. And until you can clearly exegete some verses that speak to the contrary I will have to go with my first impression.


If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself. Augustine of Hippo