Ted said:
Kyle wrote:
Must a Christian abstain from idolatry? Must a Christian abstain from blasphemy? Must a Christian abstain from dishonoring his parents? Must a Christian abstain from murder? Etc. In short, if it is a "binding" commandment, it is sin to fail to obey the commandment. Is the tithe such a commandment?

Are all those things "binding," Kyle? Wow! I am feeling SERIOUSLY dumber by the minute . . . . . .

I could be persuaded that ALL of those things you mentioned are "sins" -- including failing to "tithe." However, I don't understand the "binding" part. Please forgive me!

If it is a sin to fail to observe a particular commandment, then that commandment is "binding" on the Christian, insofar as he must repent of his failure to abide by it, and those who do not repent show themselves to be false brethren. Tithing, that is, giving 10% of one's gross income to the church, is not one of those commandments. It ought to be clear from what I showed that the only tithes commanded were part and parcel of the ceremonial and civil laws of Israel.

[By my way of thinking, I am convinced that failing to give away more than HALF of my salary is a "sin," but I stumble over the term "binding."]

Why are you so convinced? We are not called to be ascetics, after all. We may rightfully enjoy certain pleasures afforded in this life, with thanksgiving to God for them. Unless you are spending frivolously and your heart is in your possessions and purchases, what is the matter? It isn't the quantity with which God is concerned, but rather the quality of the giving heart.


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.