And neither is there anything Biblical that says the melody of "Rock of Ages" (Toplady's version, not Def Leppard) glorifies God.<br>However, I would say Rock of Ages (again, Toplady) is the greatest hymn ever. But not because of the melody.<br><br>Thus, Zar's point is a great one. The music is just The lyrics would be what counts.<br><br>Is the music itself "amoral"? Depends how it is used, right? Is a computer amoral? If I look at internet porn, it is immoral. If I read the Bible online or read the works of AW Pink online, then it is a great tool for me to learn more about God. So too if guitar music accompanies godly lyrics, then the guitar music is not immoral, but if it accompanies Slayer or Megadeth, then it is pretty immoral.<br><br>Steve

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