Hey Pilgrim!<br>I think I grasped your point (I may be stupid, but I am able to grasp a point now and then [img]http://www.the-highway.com/w3timages/icons/laugh.gif" alt="laugh" title="laugh[/img] )<br><br>You said can there be anything which does not glorify God which is good. The answer is no, of course not. A common gracer would say yes, but (just kidding, don't want to open up THAT can of worms [img]http://www.the-highway.com/w3timages/icons/drop.gif" alt="drop" title="drop[/img] ).<br><br>To that end, I asked if the melody for Rock of Ages by Toplady glorifies God in and of itself. My answer would be no.<br><br>And thus I think the same would be the case with metal music. My association with metal has always been with pretty evil bands. A few of the individual songs had profound messages at the core, actually, but the approach was horrid (profanity-laced lyrics) and thus they were neither good nor God-glorifying. That being said, I don't see that there is anything inherently bad in the music itself, and that it is feasible that the medium could be used to glorify God. <br><br>It is funny that I say this, because worship bands and pop Christian songs in general repulse me. This is likely because every worship band I have witnessed has been incoherent, the lyrics weak, and thus they and the congregation did not glorify God. <br><br>And Pilgrim, don't back out now! The fun is just beginning! Crank the amps up to 11 ! ("ours go to 11" - anybody remember what that is from? ).<br><br>Blessings,<br>Steve

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