Just read "Christian Rock Music..Christian or Satanic".<br>Much of the article could be turned on ANY hymn, and certain parts (especially the scientific sections) are rather dated and speculative. However, the author has a FANTASTIC point that the score should not overshadow the message. <br><br>When my folks (rightly) used to question my listening to metal, my response was always "I like the music, I can hardly hear the lyrics". And THAT point is a great one AGAINST Christian metal. "Good" (secular meaning of good) metal music is going to be loud, and although the lyrics are understood and should be comprehended, they are at best 50% of the package. <br><br>A case could be made that we shouldn't listen to anything except for church hymns (or perhaps merely even Psalms). Because I love classical music as well, but I'm not sure it is God-glorifying. <br><br>Steve

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