<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>[color:"blue"]Is the music itself "amoral"? Depends how it is used, right? Is a computer amoral? If I look at internet porn, it is immoral. If I read the Bible online or read the works of AW Pink online, then it is a great tool for me to learn more about God. So too if guitar music accompanies godly lyrics, then the guitar music is not immoral, but if it accompanies Slayer or Megadeth, then it is pretty immoral.</font><hr></blockquote><p> And David in the Psalms played heavy metal, right? Did he rock around the clock, or Rock around the Throne? [img]http://www.the-highway.com/w3timages/icons/heavy.gif" alt="heavy" title="heavy[/img]<br><br>Even in John Frame’s, Contemporary Worship Music, a Biblical Defense, a rather liberal book IMHO, he makes this statement, [color:blue]Because God is who He is, worship must be God centered. We worship God because He supremely deserves it, and because He desires it.</font color=blue> Now, of course, you will say, well I am just listening to heavy metal music while not in my worship mode…, but then that bears the question when God said you should stop worshiping. True worship is continuous. They that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24), and I do not believe that means “merely” sometimes. Our bodies are the TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit (all the time)—think of His ears!<br>

Reformed and Always Reforming,