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And if so, then Christians need to avoid those places at all costs and if they do avoid, then those people are never going to hear the truth.

Kalled2Preach, think about what you have written here. Do you really believe that if someone does not hear the Gospel at a "Christian" punk rock concert that there is no other means throughout their ordinary lives that they may be confronted with the truth of the Christian faith? These folks are not going to live at the concerts 24 hours per day for the rest of their lives. They have family who might be Christians and some of them probably even have jobs. grin Are you going to apply this same argument to advocate the need for Christians to have their own brothels and adult film studios that contain the Gospel message? My point is not to connect these activities as equally wrong, but to show why justifying the means by the end does not work. It is simply not our duty to engage in behavior that is unglorifying to God for the purpose of sharing the Gospel with fellow participants. Let God be the director of their providential opportunity for hearing the Gospel, we need to trust and obey.

Sincerely in Christ,