IMHO there are NOT and that is what I was attempting, in an indirect way, of getting across to him by saying I only listen to "the Rock"! I find "some" new good music out there, but very little. I have never found anything "rocky" or "metalish" to glorify God ....., but again this is only my opinion. Hymns are my favorite and normally the older the better. <br><br>Joe,<br>In reading through this thread again, I really like this post! You state that you personally have not found this to glorify God, and then honestly state this is your opinion. You then give your preference for music.<br><br>To be honest, although I have been on the side of the pro-metal-heads, I have not yet seen anything that is God-glorifying either (I'm not really looking, mind you). I simply don't think it is impossible that such music could glorify the sovereign, thrice-holy God.<br><br>Guys, although I'm probably going to get attacked for saying this, I think we are dealing with a case of non-essentials here. Frankly this comes down to preference.<br><br>Steve<br>

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