Oops, a red herring! But it didn't work, because intentional plane crashes kill people. I seem to remember a commandment telling us we aren't supposed to do that.<br><br>And in the second half you are begging the question. You still have not shown Biblically that rock music is bad. <br>Nobody ever said rock music was once good and then was perverted and we are trying to recover its lost goodness.<br>Was the internet once good and then perverted? No, it was perverted to start with. Yet we are bickering over trivialities right now on the evil internet... how then can we possibly glorify God on the internet? And if we aren't glorifying God, aren't we sinning? And if we cannot not sin while using the internet, aren't we in blatant obedience to our Lord and Savior by using the internet at all? But that assumes the internet, which is generally used for evil, MUST be evil. I think the Highway is one example that it isn't ALL evil!<br><br>It seems to me that God takes the ungodly and makes them/it godly. <br><br>Steve

Grace is not common.