Joe,<br><br>The comments in your post are of a personal nature. These include comments such as <br>1. "ever hear of election"<br>2. "get real Steve"<br>3. accusing the poster (me) of not reading the material<br>4. "Well as usual you have failed to read all the material", which implies that the poster (i.e. me) is one who rarely reads the material. <br><br>I would like to discuss your final comment. ( And may I add those who are truly in Christ will seek to serve Him with music that glorifies Him. May God have mercy on those that think and do otherwise and bring them to the truth once delivered to the saints. ) <br><br>It seems that you consider those who enjoy and play such music are unsaved? <br><br>I say this because:<br><br>If A then B<br>Where A = one truly in Christ<br>and B = he/she will seek to serve Him with music that glorifies Him<br><br>If (one is truly in Christ) then (he/she will seek to serve Him with music that glorifies Him).<br><br>Not B, thus Not A<br><br>Since (metalheads are not seeking to serve Him with music that glorifies Him), then (metalheads are not truly in Christ).<br><br><br>It is possible that is not what you meant, and if so, please feel free to say so! The last thing I want to do is misrepresent your position here!<br>I've thought about this post for a while, and I'm hoping the key word is "seeking"; i.e. maybe your position is that <br>"metalheads are seeking to serve him with music that glorifies God but are deluded in thinking that the music they are playing/listening to really does glorify God." But I don't want to put words in your mouth.<br><br>Blessings,<br>Steve

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