Hey Joe, good evening to ya!

That is totally fine if you don't want to continue this discussion. I'm not posting this to "get the last word" as you once stated, but simply to respond to your last post.

I was not trying the "feel sorry for me" approach. I did not understand why you need to use ad hominem attacks.

As for the articles, yes, I have read them all, 2x each! Just because I read it, doesn't mean I bought the arguments, as a previous post of mine on this thread stated (I did concede that one of the authors had some great points!) After reading, I don't see any Scriptural warrant for or against Christian Metal. The best arguments against rock music were psychological or scientific, many based on outdated studies. But still, some good points!

I'm not sure why I am bothering with these posts, because I personally can't stand popular Christian music (because it is so "bubble-gummy").


Grace is not common.