Steve has raised some good points. I do not find scriptural warrant for any genre of music but I do find the descendants of Cain were the first musicians. I don't understand this to mean all music is bad but rather that God's common grace (oh no, not that term!) is at work in human creativity. <br><br>Certainly human creativity can be and is misused but echoes of humanity in the image of God and His goodness to us are present nonetheless. After all, is there such a thing as any piece of music written by a Christian who would say all his motives were totally godly in producing it? <br><br>Certainly too listening to or producing music in such a way as to damage hearing is breaching the sixth commandment. That can be cured by turning the volume down!<br><br>I wonder why if those who reject rock listen happily to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony oblivious to the humanism of its final movement?<br><br>Yours in Christ (and heading for cover),<br><br>James.<br><br>PS Note use of irony of the British type above rather than literalism!