And, again, this may be off topic, so just let me know if it is. The quote from the article in the last post, to me, came acoss like the organ and the piano are the only appropriate instruments to be used in congregational worship. And I have pondered this idea for some time. But doesn't that exclude some instruments used in the Bible? Cuz the Bible mentions tamborines and harps and just the vague mention of "stringed instruments". Does this mean that a guitar can be used? I happen to think a guitar is a beautiful addition to some hymns. Same with some kinds of drums. <br><br>I ask a final question and make a final thought. Who are we to say what instruments are good and bad in song worship? And who are we to say what arrangement of the music is bad? Yes the music should not overpower the words or the message in a congergational singing time, but since when are we allowed to say that God likes or dislikes certain instruments or arrangements simply because of what tradition dictates?