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However, does not historic Calvinism include a decree of election and a decree of reprobation? How can the decree of reprobation not be the cause of the result no matter in what order God sets events in motion? This what I meant by Supra/Infralapsarianism rescuing a failed doctrine.
So, is your problem with the Bible's teaching concerning predestination the doctrine of Unconditional Election, Reprobation or both? Actually, it's very simple really. If (since) God is the Sovereign LORD and He has foreordained all things according to His immutable will then it stands that NOTHING whatsoever comes into being or occurs which He has not decreed in eternity. Therefore, the end of all men has been eternally decreed by God; to glory or damnation, aka: Election or Reprobation.

Now, are you wanting to reject the doctrine of Predestination, Unconditional Election and Reprobation and substitute what? Certainly you do not side with the semi-Pelagians and Arminians and hold that man's decision, whether allegedly foreseen or actual is the ultimate determining cause of their salvation, do you?

Here is a thorough exposition of: Reprobation Asserted by John Bunyan.

And the pièce de résistance on the doctrine of God's eternal predestination is also on The Highway here: Calvin's Calvinism, translated by Henry Cole.

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