J_Edwards said:
You CLAIM that God ONLY has foreknowledge (which is Arminian to the core).

No, I said the referenced versed did not prove predestination. Other verses do prove that God ordains all events.

J Edward continues
Think about what this means? If God has foreknowledge and does not stop a person from being reprobate what is this? If God takes no positive action to elect what is this? Is this not Reprobation?

No, reprobation would be God causing a person to be damnable.

J EdwardsYour problem in understanding this is seen in your statement to Tom below and because of your misunderstanding of Adam and his sin (which has been discussed before). What did you say to Tom?

Speratus said to Tom,

Once you start down the path of human reason you must continue it to its logical conclusion. If God chooses to leave men in their sins, is He not the cause of their damnation?
You think we are saying that God decrees election and reprobation in the same way, but that is not Reformed Theology. God does not actively decree man to sin, as Adam (the covenant head of the entire human race) already accomplished this on his own, et. al. As Sproul states, “In the Reformed view God from all eternity decrees some to election and positively intervenes in their lives to work regeneration and faith by a monergistic work of grace. To the non-elect God withholds this monergistic work of grace, passing them by and leaving them to themselves. He does not monergistically work sin or unbelief in their lives.” God works regeneration monergistically but never sin, because He does not need to because sin and the sin nature already have a set course.

I understand the difference between Calvinism and hyper-Calvinism. I am saying Calvinism is illogical. God could easily save everyone. God doesn't simply pass by. He chooses to pass by.