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Bavinck rightly finds these objections to the Supralapsarian position:

1. Supra is correct when it maintains that God's glory is the final goal of all God's works, but the manner in which that goal will be realized is not thereby given; it is incorrect to say that in the eternal perdition of the reprobate God reveals his justice only and that in the eternal salvation of the elect he reveals his mercy exclusively.

2. According to supra the decree of predestination has for its object possible men and a possible Redeemer; but just how are we to conceive of a decree concerning possible men whose actual future existence has not even been determined? 3. Supra makes the damnation of the reprobate the object of the divine will IN THE SAME SENSE as the salvation of the elect. This position is not sustained by Scripture. (from the author's article: Supralapsarianism and Infralapsarianism)
However, in regard to the topic of THIS thread, both the Supra and Infra views affirm that God did decree the reprobation of men and justly condemns them to eternal damnation.

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