speratus said:

Yes, Adam was a sheep who became a goat. The elect will become sheep.

I know the Bible talks about sheep and about goats but I've never read a verse which talks about a sheep becoming a goat. I've heard about fallen sheep but never about a converted goat. Can you reference a text that supports the idea that Adam was a sheep and he became a goat?

Furthermore the elect do not become sheep. They are either sheep or they are not sheep. John 10:27 tells us, "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." It doesn't say those who follow Me will become My sheep. John 10:26 tells us, "you do not believe because you are not My sheep," not the other way around.

So it becomes obvious that since there are both sheep and goats God made them that way in the beginning. Interestingly enough even this example supports the idea of double predestination.


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