speratus said:
J_Edwards said:
But, as now you concur God foreordained these means "Before the worlds." What do you call this foreordaining? Could we call this reprobation? If not, what do you call it and give references to the term?

The Word and Sacraments are means of grace not means of damnation. God does not foreordain them for the purpose of creating evil in men in order to damn them. Evil men in their faithless use of the Word and Sacraments load themselves with righteous judgment.
So are you saying God never uses ANY means to accomplish His plan in the non-elect? (Exod 9:15-16; Josh 11:18-20; Prov 16:4; Isaiah 6:10; John 12:37-40; Rom 9:17). If God uses means when were these means foreordained?

Reformed and Always Reforming,