I am a fan of John Piper and although he is a 5 pointer, a lot of people would not consider him reformed, anymore than they would consider someone like John MacArthur Reformed.
Piper's basic strengths are his obvious love of God and instilling a desire for God in others.
Wes pointed out in his post a saying that Piper often uses “God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him.”
A while back in our Bible study group, we used his DVD series called: ‘The Blazing Center’, in which he speaks to the youth of his Church, but what I found to be quite amazing is how each youth that were filmed during his message were not in the slightest bit bored.
Although this series was addressed directly to the youth, it is by no means just for youth. In fact in our Bible study meeting it created a lot of discussion and the average person in that meeting was over 40.

If you are interested in a study that uses a DVD series, I would also recommend a series called ‘Amazing Grace’ The History and Theology of Calvinism.
Here is a little bit of information on this series.

Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism (DVD)
Retail $29.99 - SPECIAL PRICE $14.95

" Jerry and Ken, I read Pink's book on The Sovereignty of God a few years ago and became a committed Calvinist. However, I had trouble explaining the doctrines to my dad and brother. When Amazing Grace was released I purchased a copy and found it to be an even better presentation than Pink's book. I convinced my dad to watch it over a couple of nights and he agreed. Within a few minutes of the start of the DVD, my dad was hooked. As it progressed through the theology section, my dad wept and said to me 'why have I never seen this before?' Today, my dad glows with joy knowing that His God is bigger and stronger then anything he had heard coming from most evangelical pulpits and books today. I am writing all of this to ask that you put the DVD back on sale. My dad wants to purchase it for friends and family members for Christmas and get this message out. Thanks for the production and your consideration of this request." -- Mark Taylor
This can be purchased at www.NiceneCouncil.com .

The above information written by Mark Taylor is similar to my own experience. I had been trying to explain the doctrines of grace for quite some time, to a friend of mine. However it became clear that he did not understand something.
I then remembered this DVD series and asked my friend if we could view it together. After we did this, my friend became convinced that the doctrines of grace were the true Gospel.
I thank the Lord for this fantastic tool.