Wes said:
I recognize some of your concerns in the books you've mentioned. Have you read "The Pleasures of God" in particular? If so, would you care to comment on it?
Sorry Wes, but I haven't read The Pleasures of God for several reasons, the two most salient are: 1) I don't have time since I have far better books to read on my "to do" list, and 2) given my aversion to Piper in general, I have little desire to read it. If I did it would be with a critical perspective.

Here is a list of links that deal with Piper's "doctrine" of Christian Hedonism which he claims he gleaned from the writings of Edwards and searched the Bible to support it: Articles Discussing Christian Hedonism.

And here is one critique of Piper's book Desiring God--Meditations of a Christian Hedonist , which I think is worth noting: Book Review.

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