As I was reading through the thread, "A German's View on Islam" Paul_S' response on the matter of praying as a citizen of both heaven and earth evoked a question within me which I have often wanted to ask here for the purpose of discussion. That question is, "Does Scripture allow New Testament believers to pray imprecatory (Of the nature of, or containing, imprecation; invoking evil; a curse; execration) prayers?"

An article on The Highway by James E. Adams is an excellent introduction to this subject if you aren't familiar with it. You can read it here: May We Pray the Imprecatory Psalms?.

So, in application, can we/should we as believers pray imprecation upon Muslims/Islam, terrorists, non-biblical religion(ists), etc.? If so, then how does this fit in with "Love your enemy"?

Don't be shy..... let's hear your thoughts. grin

In His grace,

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