vince_kieff said:
Matthew 5:43-47 strongly suggests that imprecatory prayers are undesirable at best. So, unless you hold to a dispensational view akin to Vernon McGee, you'd be hard pressed to see them as OK in this time and age.

Thanks for the input. But I'm wondering if you didn't mean "unless you DID NOT hold to a dispensational view... you'd be hard pressed...", since Dispensationalists bifurcate Israel and the Church, thus possibly reasoning that since the Psalms belonged to OT Israel, they are inapplicable to us today. Whereas non-Dispensationalists hold to a continuity of the Scriptures, to various degrees, and thus could therefore justify a possible use of imprecatory prayers. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shrug.gif" alt="" />

I'm curious to know if you perhaps read the article by James E. Adams and if so where do you think he went wrong, etc.?

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