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I have been putting together a short study on New Age cults. It is interesting that all that was on the list could fit the new age "mentality". I have been studying a little about the emergent church and instead of emergent, why don't we call it what it is, a New Age church? For the new ager it is all about sensation and experience. Maybe churches won't use incense and mantras, but many still fill the services with things that are for the purpose of appealing to the senses such as rock music, multimedia and a list of other things. Worship is all about Christ, not us, and He will only be found through His word, not anything man conjures up. I mentioned the emergent church, but it also applies to a number of churches that would call themselves biblical. The church needs to wake up, the wolves are running about and the sheep are being mauled.

Something that I have been wondering about recently is what the process was that lead to the deformation of the early church and that after some time resulted in the RCC. Are there any similarities between the situation then and now? The four points that this person listed about why it is important to go to church clearly speaks of a misconception of what the church is. (Strictly speaking there is no such thing as "going to church", because we are the church.) Hisalone refers to filling the services with things that appeals to our senses etc. Are all these things an early sign of deformation? What does history tell us about how the deformation started. Unfortunately I am not clued up with that details.