Those are some interesting questions. I know that gnosticism and the New Age are basically the same thing, so that has been an attack on the church from the very beginning. What about the RCC and all the ritualistic services with their censors and icons etc, what did promote that other than sin? Did the leaders in the church start those things to get the interest of the people like what is happening in churches today? Sensual worship such as smell and sight?

There was quit a bit less sharing of bible knowledge then compared to today with all the resourses available to us, of which most important is the Word of God in everyone's hands. Because of that, a different tactic would need to be used by the enemy to deceive God's people. Is that what is happening today? a return to the ignorance of the spiritual dark ages even though we have so much available?

That is a scary thought, think how much more harshly the church today will be judged because of all we have at our disposal and still, due to laziness and neglect, believing the lies of the enemy. Why did the RCC church turn to the iconic, ritualistic services? I guess bad doctrine and overall ignorance of what God said, isn't that how it always starts?

Matt. 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. KJV