Hi Johan,

In all honesty it is so very difficult at times to explain what I am saying to those who are for the most part content with their Sunday services.

Nothing personal intended but it's like people are hard of hearing or something.

Vague? I thought I explained it pretty clearly but let me try a different tack...

I assume you go to a Sunday emphasizing Church where the Sunday service is the main Church activity and focus. In other words a typical North American Church.

Let's say you invite me to your Church.

Alrighty then...thanks for the invite.


Can I stand up during a service if I sense the Lord through His Spirit wanting me to share something such that I can share it? If not why not? (keep in mind the verses I shared previously about how the Spirit wants to control the meeting).

Can I baptize new converts in the nearest river or lake? In public? Will I be supported (don't mean financially) in doing so and will I be restricted in the free encouragement that others follow the biblical example and do the same?

Will I be able to baptize new converts immediately as a way of being converted rather than having them say a sinner's prayer and enter a length baptism class the end objective of said class being to get them baptized.

Will I be able to break bread around a meal in my home and to invite other believers to join me there whether they are part of your Church or not? If not...why not?

Will I and other men be encouraged to look upon ourselves as potential Church leaders based solely on our character and desire (based on qualifications clearly laid out in Timothy and Titus) without consideration for our theological training or advanced doctor's of divinity degrees?

Can I encourage the women at your Church to wear head coverings? If not...why not? I am not talking about forcing anyone to wear head coverings. I am saying can I even encourage that as something that God wants done?

Can I encourage other believers at your Church to join me in open air preaching and reaching out to the lost?

Must I force any persons who respond to go to your Church or can I have them get together with ANY local assembly of the Body even if the local assembly that they ultimately end up at does not meet in a typical Church building, have a building, or is even noticeably organized? If I can't do that why not?

Can I share with other believers in your Church about the spiritual gifts being for today? Such as tongues and prophecy and otherwise? If not...why not? Must I only share what your Church leaders want me to share? Where is the scriptural justification for that? If we are all equal in the eyes of God and if His Spirit leads us is it not possible that I or your leaders could be wrong in something we believe such that the Lord might want another one of us to share that something different with the Body for the growth and edification of the rest? Not in divisive manner but rather in a recognition that none of us have a corner in truth? Where we must openly respect each other and allow differences of opinion to not only exist but be taught. Encouraging believers to make up their own minds.

Should I go on?

Do you honestly think that I would fit into your Church as it is at present?

Would Jesus, that radical and non-religious person who came into the world and turned the established religious structures on their head, be accepted into your Church? I mean really? You know, that Jesus who called the Pharasees hypocrites. That Jesus who healed on the Sabbath (outside acceptable Church ministry times). That Jesus who accepted the worst of sinners into His company. Who often slept on the ground with His disciples. Would Jesus, the real Jesus, really be accepted at your Church?