Just so everyone knows...I am not an emerging church person (whatever the emerging church means..I have some notion of it but don't know much about it). I am simply a Christian. A disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I do not trust in my own ability to save myself. I trust in God through the blood of Christ alone for my salvation. Apart from Him I am a miserable and I mean miserable wretch of a sinner. Unworthy to so much as look to God much less have any kind of relationship with Him.

But in Him I am washed clean from all my sins, made alive with Christ. I can access the Father freely and confidently as His child, credited as righteous by Him who has accepted Jesus as my substitute.

I am neither Pentecostal (though I have had some Pentecostal type experiences in my life), Baptist (though I believe wholeheartedly in sticking to the Word, the neccessity of being Baptized, and preaching the Gospel in it's fullness), or any other denomination. I am first and foremost and only ever just a Christian. And I wholeheartedly welcome all who call themselves by that same name (as long as they don't try to force me to conform to their sensitivities and traditions that are extra-biblical and as long as they don't try and force me to shut my mouth or otherwise keep me from doing and saying all that my Father might want me to say).