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Thanks for the input Tom but if you don't mind giving me additional input I have a question.

Why do I have to join up with any particular group of Christians (i.e. The Brethren)? Why can't I just be a Christian? A non-denominational, non-aligned Christian?

I had a most wonderful time of great worship with a good friend of mine. We got together and talked, listened to worship music together, sang, raised our hands and otherwise worshipped God together. It was a most wonderful time. Two men worshipping God together.

He and I are both not aligned with any one particular group of Christians. We both fellowship with a variety of Christians who go to different "Churches" (my fellowship is mostly over the internet since at present I have no car and no bus fare to speak of while his fellowship is more in real life as opposed to over the Internet).

But we are not aligned with any particular denomination or "Church". Is that wrong?


How does one participate in the sacraments such as baptism and communion if they don't attend a fellowship of believers?
I believe the sacraments must be taken with in the confines of an organized body of believers, with elders leading.
That all I have time to say at the moment.