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How does one participate in the sacraments such as baptism and communion if they don't attend a fellowship of believers?
I believe the sacraments must be taken with in the confines of an organized body of believers, with elders leading.
That all I have time to say at the moment.


Hmm...well...I can certainly go and baptize someone in the nearest lake, pond, pool, or stream that has water. There is no requirement for a baptism to occur among a group of witnesses. The baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch by Philip being a case in point. Undoubtedly there would have been others who witnessed the baptism but such others were incidental to the eunuch being baptized at that moment in time because there was ready water available to perform the baptism.

So one does not need to get with a Sunday Church at all to engage in baptisms. At least not biblically speaking.

Communion? Well...again biblically speaking, it takes no more than two or three. And it doesn't have to be in a Church building at all. If we are to believe what Jesus said about His being present when so little as two or three are gathered in His name then we can and indeed should have communion before our meals, on public buses, or wherever we might feel led to engage in remembering what Jesus did with some bread and appropriate fluid to represent his blood.

I am not sure why you are of the belief that the sacrements, and more specifically the two you mentioned, must be done among an organized group of believers? Also what do you think an organized group of believers is?

Do we have to be organized somehow in order to obey God with his respect to His wanting us to baptize others and participate in communion? I mean organized in a visible way as a Church mind you since of course some sort of organization is necessary to go to a place where one's can get baptized and to get the bread and fluid neccessary to have communion but I don't think that's the kind of organization you had in mind if I am not mistaken.