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It appears to me that you are justifying not going to "Sunday Church", just because you think option number 2 is better than the first option.
Although in the case of number 1, the person is hypocritical. It does not mean that option number 2 is biblically justified either.
The Bible is clear that on the Lord's Day, we are to assemble as believers.
There may be times when this is not possible, but we should endeavor to do this.

You also told me that Pilgrim didn’t quite deal with my questions. Although I think he dealt with them fairly extensively, I do believe Pilgrim’s latest post that can be seen here deals with your questions with even more detail.
If for some reason, you still don’t think he has dealt with your questions. Please let me/us know what in particular he has not dealt with.

By the way, I hope the time hasn’t come where we need to stop this discussion because it has become fruitless. As it stands I think this discussion is still at the point of iron sharpening iron.


Where is it clear in Scripture that we are to assemble on the Lord's Day?