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Hi Carlos,
What about me? I am open to your point of view. I would like to hash it out. You are a person with a good deal of insight, I believe. I don't accept all that you say, for if I did such without testing, I would be bowing to a mere human. Stick around, let me enjoy dialogue with you, either here or elsewhere.

I ain't going anywhere Robert. I remain as ever your humble servant in discussing things further smile.

Well...as long as there is some degree of openess in evidence I guess...which I believe there is.

Mind you I am not saying that I have a corner on all this. I for sure don't.

In my reading this morning I was particularly struck by how flubby and stumbling and just naive the disciples of the Lord were. How slow of heart to believe all that was of Christ.

That is so true of me and of all of us I think. We tend to think of ourselves as something when in fact we continue to stumble around and flub things up and otherwise be slow of heart to believe as we should.

Hopefully we can move forward into a more spacious plain where we will continue to stumble around into an even more spacious plain of understanding as the Lord continues to patiently lead us on. We are so in need of His continued grace in all this. I don't say that just because it's a nice or right thing to say. I truly see my continued need for His grace to help me see things I am hard of seeing still.