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Carlos said: "It would take a lot of work and a whole lot of discussion to work through the issues verse by verse and the final outcome of such a discussion is uncertain with respect to all of us coming to agree with the more perfect way of God."

I say: what is wrong with a lot of work and discussion? Maybe God (I think He does) wants us to work hard!!!

Agreed Robert. I was just saying what I did from the standpoint that if one can discuss things with others where it does not take as much work that it might be best to so do rather than taking all the more time to discuss things with those who...well...might be more set in their ways.

That's all I meant. Certainly I did not mean to say that understanding the things of God does not require some work from us. Even some underlying understanding of Greek meanings and other such things from time to time.

So for sure Robert...let's continue. I am real busy today with computer work so I don't know how much time I can devote to this today but for sure my heart is here and not in my computer work. I love discussing the things of God and only wish I could get paid to discuss things with others LOL.