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Thanks for your reply. I can only hope that such a forum is open to new light and reform. Some forums come down with an iron hand on questioning the old interpretations. I will believe in the best until I see otherwise....
Peace to all,

I am indeed appreciative of how I, a relative and really practical nobody, has been accepted to come in here and start speaking my piece. Accepted as an equal if not altogether agreed with (not a bad thing).

That is a most wondrous thing to experience for you are indeed correct in saying that at many so-called Christian forums I would not be able to so freely discuss things.

Carlos, in what vocational area are you skilled? Computers?

My skills are about as far ranging as my comments (i.e. professional telemarking, window cleaner, painter, etc..) but at present the skills that seem to be paying me the most have to do with web site development and maintenance. I went to school and got a degree in computer programming (an Associates only) but in all frankness whatever I learned then is almost entirely outdated. My skills however are not and I am most definitely up on the use of the latest technologies.

If you want to know more just PM me...I think this forum has that capability if I am not mistaken.