Hi Carlos

The reason why I referred you to Pilgrim's posts is because your questions had already been dealt with in his posts.
I also need to limit my time here because I already spend too much time on-line as it is.
That being the case, if you truly want to know what I think, concerning your questions. You had better go back and read your post again where you asked me the questions, then go to Pilgrim's posts.

For others who may be reading this, would you agree that Pilgrim already dealt with Carlos’s questions?

I am not justifying one or the other as a support for not going to Church on Sundays. I was just saying that between the two the first is not real submission while the second is. Many think the first is all the submission that is needed. I am pointing out that the Lord requires much greater submission on the part of us all to one another than might at first glance appear to be all the submission that is needed to Church leaders alone.

The second might be real submission, but it is not real submission to the Lord's Day.

Where does it say this Tom? I mean that we are commanded to assemble on the Lord's Day?

I don’t have the time at the moment to look up all the passages that show this. Fortunately I don’t have to, for there are quite a few articles on the Highway itself that have already done this. For instance: http://www.the-highway.com/sabbath_Engelsma.html.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, there are sections with in the article that are more specific to your question. I would say that in less than 3 minutes you should be able to understand where I am coming from.

Does that mean that we are not to assemble on any other day? Or that if we do and do not also assemble on the Lord's Day that we are somehow deficient on our practice before God?

What exactly is the Lord's Day biblically speaking? Which day was it? Has it changed since New Testament times?

Actually I think it is a great practice to assemble on other days. How ever, other days are not the Lord's Day. Which is the first day of the week (Sunday).
The article deals with this in greater detail.

Why? In my heart and to my conscience based on my understanding of biblical things the Lord is not interested in what particular day we assemble or even whether we assembly in a building or on the way to work on a public bus. He is interested in our hearts. His building is us. And He inhabits our spirits through His Spirit. We are His building wherever we may be.

Perhaps after you read the article, your understanding of biblical things will change. Or at least get you to do some research into some of the things the article says.