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Perhaps after you read the article, your understanding of biblical things will change. Or at least get you to do some research into some of the things the article says.


Tom...I read almost the entire article, skipping some toward the end since it was just repeating or re-emphesizing what had already been said.

I must say that this article is absolutely full of opinion, assumption, and downright additions to what is said in various verses that it refers to for support of it's position that one day of the week is more sacred and more to be considered than any other day under the New Covenant. Not only that but that we must all now dutifully attend Church as in a Sunday Church building if we are to honor the Sabbath! That such is clearly indicated in the Bible and so forth.

I daresay that by the authors premise I am close to being branded a heretic for implying that every day should be considered alike by those of the New Covenant.

Like I said it is full of personal opinion drawing conclusions based on scanty or non-existant support from the Scriptures with respect to what they actually say.

One thing that I think I need to do is do a more thorough study of the Sabbath and whether we as Christians today are to observe one day above all others today. Which I will do. Perhaps by this weekend.

I will post back here on what I find. Though I have an understanding of things already I hesitate to share the fullness thereof lest I too end up simply reciting personal opinion.

The author of that article, while undboutedly well intentioned, took a great deal of liberty I think in drawing the conclusions he did.