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I do think that the verses about elders need to be dealt with for your interpretation (and mine!).

I've added this to my list of things to do Robert LOL. Seriously. I am just swamped with computer work just now and am trying to get a project finished by tomorrow so that I can get more filthy lucre...I mean money LOL.

For now let me say that I have nothing against elders, that I do not think they need to be neccessarily older chronoligically, that they are to be men, let's see...that recognizing an elder is the same as ordaining him (i.e. what I meant by recognizing one is...well...recognizing one in a public way through a laying on of hands or other form of public recognition before all).

I think that's all that comes to mind for now.

By the way Robert thanks for your encouraging words to me by PM. I appreciate it. Sorry that I didn't respond but I am trying to get this computer work done tonight.