You have come here with your mind already made up. Additionally, you have come to a web site that specifically and explicitly identifies itself as advocating and promoting Reformed theology. So our minds are made up.

We are here to educate folks about why we embrace the Reformation and it's major doctrines, and to provide biblical exegesis in support of Reformed theology.

If you participate in the discussion boards of the web site that specifically identifies itself as a Refomed resource, having agreed to its Terms of Service you cannot in good conscience demand that we abandon our stated purpose and be "open" to ideas which - from the very start - we openly state our opposition to.

If you ask a question and are pointed to a link which answers the question and you disagree, fine. You wish to make a rebuttal, fine. But your rebuttal must follow the rules of sound scholarship, biblical exegesis, and thoughtful consideration of your opponent's point of view.

Judging by the repeated assertions in this thread with little to no exegesis in support of your arguments, Carlos, it has become apparent that:

1 - You have neither read nor understood the articles and references we have presented, and that

2 - You do not respect the constraints of this forum as a Reformed resource in support of Reformed scholarship.

Criticise us all you want for not being "open minded," but you knew that and agreed to abide by it when you created an account here.