Time for me to chime in my 2 cents.

I'm sure individuals thought of Col. 2:16 and other verses concerning keeping laws and traditions, which include Sunday morning worship! However, aren't we all called to be disciples? Isn't the disciple's primary goal to become more like his teacher, who in this case is Jesus Christ?

Church under a steeple etc. is a blessing we enjoy in this country where we have the freedom of religion, if the N.T. church could have had the freedoms we have, don't you think they would have did the same instead of meeting in houses, secretly many times? In a church that was recognizable as a place of Christian worship (steeple etc)?

Now the next question, can we become disciples alone without the meeting together in fellowship as Christians? Now if we believe Matt. 18:20, we meet our teacher Jesus Christ in a special way when we gather together in worship.

Why do I say all this? we fight over should we meet Saturdays or Sundays or not at all, well, if we are true disciples of Jesus Christ, then we would meet as often as possible. One of the problems of most churches today is that they have cut back to one service, Sunday morning. That tells me that church is not interested in discipling people or making demands of the people, they might leave, we don't care what God thinks, doen't He desire total consecration? Read Luke 14:25-35 and then argue about which day to worship.

Why argue about the times, why not argue about why not MORE times of worship!! Do we come together as unto the Lord or to prove how spiritual we are or just for the purpose of doing our duty? For me, I worship whenever our church doors are open in order to become more like Him by learning of Him and seeing Him as He is, encouraged by others of the same mind.

Just my 2c, take it or leave it, but I think debating what day to worship or where is silly (no disrespect intended) in light of what we have been called to be. Disciples of Christ.

Matt. 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. KJV