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Time for me to chime in my 2 cents.

And much appreciated by me hisalone.

I agree with much if not all of what you said.

But I differ a tad I guess in thinking that there is benefit to be gained in looking at whether or not the Sabbath is to be considered as more important than any other day and even more specifically on whether we can rightly attach everything that is attached to Sabbath keeping as though respect for the Sabbath would justify anything else that we might care to justify in our Christian practice.

You do bring up some good points though and one's that I will have to prayerfully consider for when all is said and done we must each give ourselves liberty to pursue the dictates of our own conscience and do nothing more exegetical than not put a stumbling block in each others way.

To my thinking what I call Churchianity (no offense intended), that frame of belief that focuses on the Sunday Church service as the be all and end all culmination and best expression of the Christian life is a hindrance to the work of God.

And to the degree that any such discussion of a particular such as Sabbath keeping might be used by the Lord to bring some needed undermining of Churchianity...to that degree I look upon such a discussion as being...well...fruitful if not entirely productive perhaps.

I hope that makes sense. I do hope that you along with others here can help us stay on track not only in regard to proper exegesis but also by the spirit of our talk. Without intending to we can stray into not exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit while correctly interpreting the plain and legal meaning of what is said in the Scriptures.