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PS: we would prefer you abstain from the silliness of "prooftexting" as is the manner of some, ...

I must confess to a certain ignorance of the latest terms regarding biblical discussion as I have almost no notion of what "prooftexting" is. It certainly doesn't sound like something I would want to engage in given that it sounds so bad.

If I do fall into "prooftexting", whatever it is, by all means please do correct me so that I can engage in more...well...godly texting I guess smile.

I don't usually engage in much biblical discussions these days since such as on the whole been generally unfruitful in the past but I am inclined to believe it was no accident that a post here caught my curiosity such that I responded to it and ended up engaged here.

For if I may say so without offending anyone, I seem to have stumbled upon a bastion of Churchianity here. Where persons here are not push overs spiritually speaking. And that is precisely the kind of Christians I need to discuss these things with. The kind that won't so easily take what I say hook, line, and sinker. The kind that will call me out as not having a correct interpretation, if indeed I am incorrect.

I relish this discussion in that the Lord may point out in me attitudes or views that must be brought under His Lordship as being wrong in me. But I also relish the possibility, however seemingly remote, that the Lord might also use me to shed some light on this continuing discussion and perhaps even use me in helping some...well...Churchians see things in a different light themselves. All to His ultimate glory and honor.


PS. Now I really have to get back to my computer programming so if I can restrain myself...I will be quiet for a while LOL.