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If you participate in the discussion boards of the web site that specifically identifies itself as a Refomed resource, having agreed to its Terms of Service you cannot in good conscience demand that we abandon our stated purpose and be "open" to ideas which - from the very start - we openly state our opposition to.

Hi Robin,

I am demanding nothing Robin.

I read the Terms of Service and nothing in those terms of service was understood by me to mean that I must unconditionally respect a position, any position, that seems unbiblical. Whatever that position is.

I am not a Reformed anything...well...other than a reformed sinner by the grace of God.

If I misunderstood the Terms of Service and otherwise am entering into discussions here that undermine what God would not want undermined then by all means I will leave. For that matter I will leave if I am asked leave for whatever reason unless those in authority here tell me to stay.

I don't believe in coming into Christian assemblies of any kind, whether in real life or over the Internet and stirring up controversy or otherwise. Though what I say in pointing others to what I believe the Bible to say does end up generating controversy.

Not because my beliefs are neccessarily unbiblical but rather because I don't believe in holding any Church tradition as so sacred that it cannot be questioned or even ignored relative to what the Bible might say otherwise.

I meant no offense by anything I have posted and would ask for your forgiveness if I said anything dishonoring to God in anything I said or how I said it.

If it is not desirable that I continue here just say the word and I will gracefully bow out of further participation here.