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Just curious CovenantInBlood...if you care to share, I am wondering what I said that might lead you to believe that I have an independent spirit? I am not asking from the standpoint of defending myself. Who knows. Maybe the Lord wants to point out something in me that needs attention but I am going to have a hard time seeing it as clearly as you seem to see it. Maybe the Lord can use you to help me in that regard.

Well, the first clue is that you describe hearing the word of God preached from the pulpit as watching "one man exercising his gifting in front of hundreds of the rest of us who must sit mute as spectators." The second is that you claim not to "fit into the square hole that organized Churches would have [you] fit into." These speak to a spirit that is unwilling to be humble in submission to his Christian brethren, i.e., an "independent spirit." Now, I do allow that there may be legitimate reasons for your inability to "fit in," as I have encountered a number of problematic churches in my short time. But the problem is not being "organized."
As might be expected, I can heartily recommend a couple of articles which speak to the "organization" of churches within the Visible Church.

1. Ecclesiola in Ecclesia, by D.M. Lloyd-Jones. excellent

2. Sola Ecclesia: The Lost Reformation Doctrine, by Michael Glodo.

He begins with the following two relevant questions to this discussion:

With which of the following statements are you in greater agreement?

1. “Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.”

2. “Away from [the church] one cannot hope for any forgiveness of sins or any salvation.”
It's surprising to see the answers people give. But and the truth of what is biblical surprises even more. wink

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