To any and all who have responded since my last post to this thread....I am loosing track of who said what when that I have yet to respond to.

I will submissively and humbly remain among your company unless as I said, I am asked to leave, in which case I will submissively and humble...make leave to go elsewhere. I truly had no idea what I was getting into when I joined the forum here. I am actually glad I did because I could use some hanging out with others of my brethren who are into Jesus...hmm...I mean exegesis...well...Jesus too LOL.

I do have one suggestion though. This thread is getting rather long and we have covered so very much ground that it might behoove us for purposes of clarifying and highlighting the issues more clearly to start a new thread. If you all are agreeable to that how about "The definition of Church" or "What does the word Church mean in the New Testament?" or some such.

How about it?

And then perhaps another one on whether we are to observe the Sabbath still though I won't participate in this one until after I have had a chance to do some studying over the weekend?

I think some new threads to break apart this long thread might bring some of these issues into sharper focus and allow us to more easily get somewhere in any further discussion. What think ye my beloved brethren? Shall we leave this humble thread and go beyond hither and dither to discuss these issues among new thread habitations?