Originally Posted by Robert
Great posts, Carlos. I too am against "stalwartism" (however, you must drop the k, replace it with a t). ...

That's a good one! I can see it now...me preaching at Balboa Park in San Diego...not that I have done so mind you but have been considering it...

"To all you stalwarts out there! Thus saith the Lord..." LOL.

I think I like stalwarkism better even if it is a non-existant word. Stalwartism sounds like some kind of horribly deformed defect in a human being. Akin to a big wart of a defect on their body or something LOL. Yuk!

By the way this forum is a real pain to use. Maybe I don't know how to use it.

Everytime I come here to see a post I must then...

1. Go up and click on the Log in link.
2. Login.
3. Press the back browser button to get back to the Login (after login I am taken to the main forum index page).
4. Press the back browser button again to get back to the post I wanted to see.
5. Press the browser refresh button to have the Reply, Quote and other buttons show up now that I am logged in.
6. Page down on the page to finally find the post I wanted to reply to.

Whew! A lot of work.

Is there not some way for the email that informs me of a new post to just take me to that post and have me click on a Reply button which then takes me to a Login and then automatically takes me to the post in question again?

Without my having to do all this backtracking and refreshing?