carlos123 laments
By the way this forum is a real pain to use. Maybe I don't know how to use it.

Everytime I come here to see a post I must then...

1. Go up and click on the Log in link.
2. Login.
3. Press the back browser button to get back to the Login (after login I am taken to the main forum index page).
4. Press the back browser button again to get back to the post I wanted to see.
5. Press the browser refresh button to have the Reply, Quote and other buttons show up now that I am logged in.
6. Page down on the page to finally find the post I wanted to reply to.

Whew! A lot of work.
For someone who presents himself as being computer savvy, I am rather amused to read the above. giggle

1. When you login to this board, as with most every other board online, you have the option to check the box, "remember me", which will save a 'cookie' to your HDD. In addition, people using any recent version of Internet Explorer will be prompted to save the login information as well, thus another 'cookie' is saved to your HDD.

2. Returning to the board directly from a Favorite/Bookmark or via typing in the URL or by clicking on the link in the notification e-mail will result in you being automatically logged in.

This is not rocket science, nor is this method unique to this board. [Linked Image]

3. IF you disallow all cookies or delete them at the end of the day, then of course you will have to manually login at each visit; an identical process shared by all BB software.

BTW, there is a HELP Forum here where such questions are answered. Posting consternations without an request for help usually go unanswered. wink

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simul iustus et peccator

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