Let's see I am now considered self-centerd because of the numerical frequency with which I have used the word "I"? Notwithstanding that I have used that word as short for "it seems to me based on my understanding of the Bible" or "Christ who lives in me seems to have indicated so and so to me" or even "at my present state of grace". "I" just seemed a whole lot shorter and less prone, in it's use, to wear my hand out from typing.

And it would seem now that I am also lacking in true computer skills as I, oops...as was previously stated by, .... I don't know what other word to use here...me...hmmm, by me I guess. Because...well...because I did not realize or use a remember me link, something that is not used by...I am trying real hard to not use the word "I" again but it's awefully tough to do so, by me at any other forum without difficulty.

So given the above I think it best if I take my leave of this forum and bid you all farewell.

The spirit behind the last two posts strikes me as decidedly not at all stemming from the Holy Spirit that I know. Not that those posting as such are not Christians. Only that they were perhaps not walking in love at the moment of their postings. Something I too have at times past perhaps been guilty of myself.

I apologize if I have not been acting in love in any way, shape, or form here and would ask for your all's forgiveness if that has indeed been the case.

I wish everyone well.

If anyone wants to stay in contact with me please send me a direct message and I will be more than happy to provide my email address to anyone that wants it.

Please disregard the other topic I started.